About Us

Professional pavement services since 2004. Serving residential and commercial projects with integrity and dependability

Wolverine Sealcoating, LLC has been in business since 2004. With extensive prior experience, our sizable crew of pavement professionals is fully bonded, insured and known for their integrity and dependability. Our commitment to high quality and professional excellence makes us a leader in the industry and in customer satisfaction.

At Wolverine, we focus on preventing problems and maintaining the appearance and integrity of our customers’ pavement. Sealcoating is one of the most important elements of a pavement management plan.

Wolverine Sealcoating, LLC uses Gem Seal pavement products, which offer superior quality and value. The most popular choice of sealer has a lifespan of two years. More durable products are available, such as Poly Tar which has a life span of four years.